37 services use Docman Hub to send letters electronically


Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust continues rollout

Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust was the first mental health organisation to implement Docman Hub back in September 2011.

Based over 12 sites, 37 services at the trust now use the system to send documents electronically to GP practices in Camden, Islington, Enfield and Barnet.

Lami Akinsanya, Docman project manager at the trust, said: “We began the project by introducing Docman Hub into our priority services and we are continuing to roll out Docman across the whole trust. We are currently sending documents via Docman to 94 GP practices in Camden, Islington, and a few in Barnet and Enfield.”

The trust has reported significant cost savings since going live. Each month it sends over 2,000 documents through Docman Hub, providing a number of efficiencies and benefits. Letters are instantly delivered to GPs, meaning less staff time is spent on admin, postage is significantly reduced, and a full audit trail allows each document to be tracked and reported on.

“Staff like the fact that when they’ve sent the patient documents, they can see via the audit trail that it has been delivered to the GP, which gives reassurance,” said Jo Pollock, clinical team manager of the Islington Crisis Resolution Team.

Since the installation of Docman Hub, the trust has been able to meet delivery targets such as the 24-hour discharge summary target,” Akinsanya adds.

“GPs now receive discharge summaries within 24 hours, which is extremely important from a clinical and patient perspective. Docman ensures confidential information is kept safe, removing the risk of documents being lost and provides patients with quality care.”

And Claudia Gonzalez Burguete, senior administrator and Docman champion user, said: “Docman Hub has helped Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust become paper light and increased the speed of delivery of documents from the trust to GP Practices, but it doesn’t end there.

“The great benefit of using Docman is that it saves me a lot of time to do other tasks, it reduces paperwork and typing and I can monitor delivery of the documents via the Docman audit trail. It is also a much faster way to send patient documents to GPs.”

As well as rolling Docman Hub out across the whole trust, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust aims to send documents electronically to even more GP practices in Barnet, Enfield and Haringey to become increasingly more efficient and to improve patient experience.

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